Centralized Access Control

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With Pomerium integrated, we now have a good handle on how to secure our internal apps and high-value assets if they don't have their own auth capabilities.

Screenshot of a user's session in Pomerium
A modern, zero-trust approach

Context and identity driven access

Trust flows from identity, device-state, and context, not network location. Every device, user, and application's communication should be authenticated, authorized, and encrypted.

Screenshot of a user being denied authorization and access for their request
Continuous, real-time enforcement

Authorize every request

Unlike a VPN, requests are continuously re-evaluated on a per-request basis. No more red-green zones or complicated network segmentation, just reliable security at every step in your network.

Example of writing policy as code with Pomerium
Dynamic, fine-grained, and versionable

Policy as code

Authorization policy is expressed in a high-level, declarative language that can be used to enforce ABAC, RBAC, or any other governance policy controls. Pomerium can make holistic policy and authorization decisions using external data and request context factors such as user groups, roles, time, day, location and vulnerability status.