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Rewrite Response Headers

  • Config File Key: rewrite_response_headers
  • Type: object
  • Optional
  • Example: [{ "header": "Location", "prefix": "http://localhost:8000/two/", "value": "http://frontend/one/" }]

Rewrite Response Headers allows you to modify response headers before they are returned to the client. The header field will match the HTTP header name, and prefix will be replaced with value. For example, if the downstream server returns a header:

Location: http://localhost:8000/two/some/path/

And the policy has this config:

- header: Location
prefix: http://localhost:8000/two/
value: http://frontend/one/

The browser would be redirected to: http://frontend/one/some/path/. This is similar to nginx's proxy_redirect option, but can be used for any header.