How teams use Pomerium

Learn how teams like yours use Pomerium.


Pomerium brings a single workflow for context-based access across apps, servers, Kubernetes clusters, clouds, and on-prem infrastructure.

Easier to deploy, and manage.

Unlike traditional approaches such as the VPN, Pomerium is far easier to manage and does not require constant adjustment of firewalls and other networking tools.

Centralized access and visibility.

Pomerium provides a centralized console for app-level controls to manage, monitor, and log all access activities.

Works with everything, anywhere.

Whether it’s a legacy app on bare metal that no one has touched for years, or a sleek new CNCF app deployed on the latest-greatest-service mesh, Pomerium has you covered. And not in a hand-wavy way, either. Pomerium can be deployed using containers, binaries, or system packages, right there with your apps at edge.

Enables collaboration & self-service.

Pomerium allows application owners to self-provision and manage resources while ensuring that organization and enterprise-wide security policies are still enforced.


Pomerium frees developers up to focus on their apps, not reinventing access control.

Move fast.

Pomerium brings centralized authentication and authorization to any internal app without requiring any code changes.

Without breaking things.

“I can’t wait to integrate OAuth2 into our app!” is not something you are likely to hear from developers for good reason. Authentication and authorization are devilishly tricky to get right, and when misconfigured, can have disastrous results.

Identity and context without headaches.

Pomerium can be configured to pass a rich, cryptographically signed JWT to upstream applications where a user’s identity and context details can be used for even more fine-grained access control.

IT Management

Pomerium provides a simple secure access service edge (SASE) without giving up control over your data or risking vendor lock-in.

Improve security.

Unrestricted lateral network access by unauthorized users remains the biggest attack surface. Pomerium mitigates risk by helping enterprises adopt a zero trust, context-driven security model.

Ensure governance & compliance.

Pomerium provides detailed audit logs, namespace-based self-service, and access controls for organizations to ensure ease-of-governance and meet compliance mandates.

Not rip and replace.

We realize the real world is messy and security is a continuous process of incremental improvement. Even NIST admits that zero trust is not a rip and replace but an iterative process. Pomerium can be deployed alongside your existing perimeter-based security infrastructure as your organization adopts better security at its own pace.

End Users

Delight your end users with an experience that works anywhere they choose to work, free from the hassle of corporate VPNs.

Better user experience.

Pomerium is completely user friendly. There’s nothing to install, upgrade, or onboard the user or their device because Pomerium is clientless. Every single user’s experience is: “It just works.”

Faster. More responsive. No connectivity issues.

Unlike the VPN, there’s no need for backhauling or split tunneling when using Pomerium. This results in a faster, more responsive user experience when accessing applications and no disrupted workflow with connection drops. Your infrastructure should enable user workflow, not be in their way.

Retain and attract top talent.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic spurred the rise of hybrid and remote work, it’s become increasingly important for remote employees to have an equivalent user-experience to ensure a smooth workflow. Pomerium helps organizations retain the best employees by enabling the same user-experience, no matter where they want to work from, for all their productive needs.

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