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Install Pomerium Zero

Learn how to install Pomerium Zero.


If you haven't signed up for Pomerium Zero, you can create an account for free.

Install Pomerium with the following shell script:

curl | env POMERIUM_ZERO_TOKEN=<CLUSTER_TOKEN> bash -s install

Pomerium requires an internet-accessible server and the ability to bind port 443.

Upgrade Pomerium Zero

Learn how to upgrade Pomerium Zero.

To update Pomerium in Docker:

  1. In your compose.yaml file, update the Pomerium image tag to specify the latest tagged release:
image: pomerium/pomerium:<vX.Y.Z>
  1. Run the following command:
$ docker compose up -d

Docker should automatically pull the new image of Pomerium before running the container. If for some reason Docker doesn't pull the image, you can manually run:

$ docker pull pomerium/pomerium:<vX.Y.Z>