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Securing the world's applications

Pomerium was founded on the premise that access control required fundamental rethinking in a world where networks can no longer be trusted. The fundamental pillars of faster, better, and safer guide the technical underpinnings of our zero-trust reverse proxy to secure applications and services for teams of all sizes and deployments of any kind in any environment.

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Core Values

Businesses of every size, from startups to Global Fortune 2000 companies, rely on Pomerium for their access control needs. Therefore our solution should embody the four pillars of Better, Faster, Safer, and Tailored to the needs of each organization.


Access control should never get in the way of workflow productivity


Connections should always be fast and minimize latency


Security and privacy without compromise


No two organizations are the same and the access solution should be tailored for their infrastructure



Sustainable security

We want to avoid cybersecurity erosion as a result of frustrating security design. The security solution should be sustainable so that in the long run organizations and users are not actively looking to overcome the security solution due to our design and architectural decisions.


Security without obscurity

We support open source. Organizations should always be aware of what is in Pomerium's code and why they can trust it. Zero trust starts from being able to verify the code of the solution you're using.


Protecting privacy

In an era where data privacy is being ingested by companies that cannot be trusted to protect it, we want to help retain data tenancy. Pomerium instances will never send sensitive data where you don't want it to go, including the maintainers.

Meet the team!

Everyone at Pomerium is passionate about security. 

The Team

Bobby DeSimone
Founder & CEO
Caleb Doxsey
Sr. Software Engineer
Nathan Hayfield
Sr. Software Engineer
Kenneth Jenkins
Sr. Software Engineer
Joe Kralicky
Sr. Software Engineer
Colin Mo
Developer Relations Manager
Denis Mishin
Sr. Software Engineer
Zachary Painter
Technical Writer
John Skubel
VP of Sales
Ross Smith
Patrick West


Eric Vishria
General Partner @ Benchmark
Enrique Salem
General Partner @ Bain Capital Ventures
Semil Shah
General Partner @ Haystack
Aashay Sanghvi
Partner @ Haystack
Kevin Patrick Mahaffey
Founder @ Lookout \ SNR
Oleg Rogynskyy
CEO @ People.ai

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Pomerium is Founded

Founder Bobby writes the original code for Pomerium to address the problems in the access control space


Initial Seed Investment

A Seed Round of investors back Pomerium, including Bain Capital Ventures and Haystack


10 millionth Docker pulls

1 million felt important, but 10 million is 10 times better!


1 Billion Docker pulls

Before we knew it, we skyrocketed to 1 billion Docker pulls!


Pomerium Raises Series A

We raise a Series A with Benchmark Capital!

Your Security

Embrace Seamless Resource Access, Robust Zero Trust Integration, and Streamlined Compliance with Our App.

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