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Securing the fastest growing companies in the world

Pomerium helps companies innovate faster in a cloud-native, homogeneous, work-from-anywhere world. A Fortune 50 customer describes us as “Google Docs but for applications and code.”

Optoro scales global logistics and asserts compliance with Pomerium

“We can confidently tell clients and auditors: ‘we only give people access to the things they need.’ How we prove that is we can pull up the Pomerium configuration and say… ‘this team has access to these resources.’”

Zach Dunn
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8gears uses Pomerium to secure cloud-native apps and ditch their VPN

Pomerium empowered 8gears with a more secure, reliable remote access option.

EdTech uses Pomerium to implement stronger access control mechanisms

Pomerium gives EdTech a more secure, reliable remote access option compared to the VPN’s clunky user experience.

Pitt County School District uses Pomerium to manage access control and limit exposure to ransomware

One tool to manage remote access control for all users, applying central auditing and a unified logging system.

Traders Club uses Pomerium to provide a VPN alternative, implement layered Identity and Access Management, and ensure compliance to privacy laws.

Central auditing with a unified logging system enables easy compliance with LGPD, Brazil’s equivalent to GDPR.

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“When you don’t have to worry about provisioning users and user-databases, it makes spinning up internal tools that much easier.”

Nitin Perumbeti
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“Instead of opening all sorts of web servers to the outside, we secure them behind pomerium internally and externally. This has helped us achieve a centralized access control model with less vulnerable attack surface area in place of the previous perimeter-based security model.”

Cory Rankin
LAN Engineer at Pitt County
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“Pomerium allows great control, speed and flexibility when it comes to securing and exposing internal web applications and services. It is far better to expose a few services, than to allow someone blanket access to internal resources. Pomerium makes it simple to wrap any website that you might normally have left exposed (even internally) in a good layer of encryption with access control, lowering the barrier to achieving good security.”

Andrew James Collett
Senior Technical Officer & System Administrator
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“With Pomerium integrated, we now have a good handle on how to secure our internal apps and high-value assets if they don’t have their own authorization capabilities.”

Shreyas Karnik
Software Engineering Lead

Pomerium enables Obsidian Security to enforce and scale internal access

Access logs provide clear audit trails that make access reviews easy.

Optoro scales global logistics and asserts compliance with Pomerium

Adding Pomerium to their stack gives Optoro a seamless authorization experience and greater flexibility without sacrificing security.

Secure resources with centralized access control

Pomerium gives additional layered IAM capabilities to applications so Stellenbosch University students and developers don’t need to dedicate time building in security features.

Crusoe develops and deploys applications faster with Pomerium

Pomerium allows Crusoe to quickly delegate access to any of their applications with identity and directory context from GSuite

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