Context-Aware Access

Unlock context-aware access with Pomerium's external data sources


What is context-aware access?

NIST's Zero Trust Architecture (SP 800-207) emphasizes the importance of context to achieve zero trust architecture with granular access control security policies for apps based on attributes such as user identity, location, device security status, and IP address.


Advanced Context-aware access with External Data Sources

If additional data points enable better access control decisions, then Pomerium's external data sources feature enables all the data points possible. Pomerium's context-aware access integrates any institutionally relevant data source as a piece of context for consideration.


Why Pomerium and not other solutions?

Pomerium ensures none of the contextual data used for context-aware decisions leaves your infrastructure by being completely self-hosted. This sensitive contextual data often contains private information and should never be passed along to a hosted third-party solution.

“Pomerium is great because it’s completely zero trust. I hate this buzzword but it’s true for Pomerium. It’s completely zero trust.”

Lucas Cioffi
Head of Information Security and IT

“When you don’t have to worry about provisioning users and user-databases, it makes spinning up internal tools that much easier.”

Nitin Perumbeti

"Pomerium enables true zero trust security without getting in the way of workflow or productivity. The end user experience is simple and onboarding has never been easier. It solves all the problems plaguing network administration and security frameworks while being flexible enough for any tool or application."

Bri Hatch
Sr. Director of IT Operations

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