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Why replace your corporate VPN?

As VPN vulnerabilities lead to breaches due to the Perimeter Problem, companies are shifting from a network-centric security model to an application-centric approach. Fortune 100 companies are finding success with Pomerium for continuously verified zero-trust clientless access.

Here's why companies are choosing Pomerium:


Everyone loves fast connections! Your VPN replacement should be undeniably faster to boost productivity. Latency issues can significantly disrupt workflow and reduce productivity. When scaled across an entire organization, hours can be lost waiting for actions to register or pages to load.

Since Pomerium is self-hosted, it can be deployed at the edge, right where the secured application resides. This provides the fastest possible connection when users can access resources without jumping through additional servers, which not only add latency but also serve as potential points of compromise.

No hosted middleman provider will be able to compete. Their solutions are inherently slower than Pomerium due to their tunneling architecture, which requires passing data through their servers. Avoid unnecessary layovers for your users and give them direct connections!


Continuous verification is the ideal standard: every action — even from verified users! — should be verified against identity, policy, and context. 

The Perimeter Problem exists because many solutions stopped checking once the correct user credentials were presented to establish a secure session. Instead, Pomerium validates and verifies each action and request before allowing it to execute, adhering to zero-trust best practices at all times.


Companies replacing their VPNs value Pomerium's clientless access for frictionless security, resulting in better user experience while reducing management overhead. 

User Experience

  • Intuitive: No more logging in to a client for access to the internet.

  • No additional credentials: Users no longer need to memorize an additional set of credentials to gain access.

Reduce burden of management

  • No need to install: Client-based access requires a client on the user's device and a counterpart in the infrastructure. This is usually known as the agent, connector, or daemon.

  • No need to update: Clients require a minimum supported version to function. This also adds additional management burden and is a user pain point, in addition to being a problem at scale.

Additional Use Cases

Enhance Productivity with Programmatic Deployments

Pomerium's API enables developer teams to deploy access controls the same way they ship code with CI/CD workflows.

Unified Access and Policy Enforcement

Because Pomerium can be deployed anywhere, it can live throughout your infrastructure and gate access to your sensitive applications and infrastructure. 

No Bandwidth Limits

Pomerium doesn't limit your bandwidth or speed at all. Be as fast as your own infrastructure allows and process as much data as you want! Free and unlimited bandwidth!

Tailored to your infrastructure

Unlike VPNs and managed solutions, Pomerium can be deployed and scaled however your organization requires it. Conversely, other alternatives require your organization to deploy and scale according to their infrastructure because you are plugging into their network backbone. No third-party organization's architecture should be dictating your organization's growth and scaling needs. 

Context-aware access

Going beyond identity-aware is context-aware access where the context surrounding access is taken into consideration even if the correct user credentials are presented. Pomerium provides significant value here for organizations because the reverse proxy is self-hosted so the sensitive contextual data never leaves the organization's servers. This should never be used with a third-party hosted solution.

Consolidate, simplify, and
modernize your access solution

Developers can add Pomerium's access control and deploy to production with full confidence that the company's security policies are being enforced. 

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