Continuous Verification & Auditing

Apply zero trust to all your deployments with Pomerium's continuous verification


What is continuous verification?

Continuous verification is a zero trust concept where every single action is verified for authentication, authorization, and contextual factors before being accepted or denied. Compare this to NextGen VPNs where authentication and authorization are only verified at the start of a session.


Why does it matter?

Continuous verification mitigates the possibility of malicious insiders or hackers using stolen credentials by verifying each user action and request. Stolen credentials are the most common form of breaches. Having access to an authorized account should not mean the user gains unmitigated access if other contextual factors do not make sense.


How does continuous verification work?

Pomerium blocks an authorized account if it attempts to take actions that do not make sense within the context of that user. For example, an authorized account's credentials could be stolen and logged in on an authorized device, but from the wrong IP address. In such a scenario, that account could still be logged in but severely limited in what it could do.



Pomerium always logs its decision on an action was accepted or denied because each action is continuously verified for identity and context. This gives auditors an understanding of how Pomerium reasoned out its access decision.

“We can confidently tell clients and auditors: ‘we only give people access to the things they need.’ How we prove that is we can pull up the Pomerium configuration and say… ‘this team has access to these resources.’”

Zach Dunn

"Pomerium enables true zero trust security without getting in the way of workflow or productivity. The end user experience is simple and onboarding has never been easier. It solves all the problems plaguing network administration and security frameworks while being flexible enough for any tool or application."

Bri Hatch
Sr. Director of IT Operations

“Pomerium is great because it’s completely zero trust. I hate this buzzword but it’s true for Pomerium. It’s completely zero trust.”

Lucas Cioffi
Head of Information Security and IT

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