Test Engineer

About the Role

You will help design, prototype, and implement core features while ensuring the scalability and stability of Pomerium. Being a young project, Pomerium’s development area is broad and deep. We’re working to develop everything from cryptography, hardware-based device attestation, to a plugin system to allow seamless community contributions.


  • Design, build and apply testing frameworks to power automation tests that verify the product and also support test automation for new and existing features of the Pomerium product.
  • Collaborate closely with the Product and Engineering teams to develop technical and domain expertise, and apply it to tackle testing challenges across teams.
  • Help quantify quality improvements in the delivered software
  • Embrace, improve, and advocate for our vision for the quality of our products
  • Work with the engineering and support teams to reproduce complex scenarios reported by customers, and enable engineers to write regression tests to fix and prevent them
  • Work on issues and improvements critical to the success of Pomerium customers and the broader community

You may be a good fit for our team if some of the following apply:

  • Go (Golang) programming experience and strong in object-oriented design and coding skills
  • You have knowledge of public cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure and GCP.
  • Experience testing APIs, both manually and programmatically.
  • Experience with version control and CI/CD tools like GitHub Actions, Jenkins, CircleCI etc.
  • Experience in developing and maintaining automated tests and frameworks using open source tools and technologies.
  • Managing test infrastructure and strategy.
  • Ability to effectively articulate technical limitations and solutions
  • Deal well with ambiguous/undefined problems; ability to think abstractly
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, reporting, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Experience building test infrastructure, testing tools, and robust automation
  • Experience designing, testing, delivering, and monitoring scalable/high-availability software in a cloud computing environment

What is our hiring process like?

The below serves as a basic outline; we may choose to add or remove steps based on the information that we gather during the process.

  • Introductory call.
  • First Interview with an Engineering Manager
  • Interview Loop with additional team members, with the following panel:
    • Technical Code Pairing interview 
    • Code Review interview
    • Communication and Collaboration interview
  • A final conversation with the manager for the team you would be joining
  • Offer

Apply by emailing us at jobs+qa@pomerium.com your resume and telling us a bit more about yourself!

  1. Tell us about what attracts you to this role and Pomerium
  2. Tell us about an solution you’ve built that you’re proud of and why
  3. Tell us about your favorite technology to work with and why

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