Announcing Pomerium v0.24

November 20, 2023

Pomerium v0.24 is here! This performance-focused upgrade helps Pomerium run faster and returns it to its previous baseline RAM-usage in addition to adding certificate matching to the Enterprise Console PPL builder.

Downloads are immediately available on Github and Docker Hub for all supported platforms.

Pomerium Core — Deprecated Items Removed

The following deprecated items have been removed. Please review this list of breaking changes and make the necessary changes to your configuration before you upgrade:

We also had an issue in v0.23 where smaller deployments are seeing high usage of RAM. This update returns Pomerium’s RAM requirement to its previous baseline.

Pomerium Enterprise — Faster and More Efficient for Large Deployments

Pomerium Enterprise users running large-scale deployments with dynamically changing configurations (some of you have thousands of routes and certificates, so certainly not byte-sized 😉) will see a performance increase when making changes to your configurations. 

Pomerium Enterprise — Certificate Matching in Policy Builder!

In v0.23 we added `client_certificate` as a criterion for policies, but it was only configurable in the Core configuration file. With v0.24, we’ve made it available as a PPL criterion in the Enterprise Console’s policy builder. 

As a result, organizations deploying client certificates can now build policies that include an allowlist or denylist of specific certificates. (Yes, this means you can allow the executive’s laptop but deny the tablet they let their children use!)

Various Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

We’ve also made other UI improvements and bug fixes that can be found in the full changelog!

Before You Upgrade

We always recommend testing new releases in a separate environment before fully implementing them, and of course, always to back up your database. 

If you run into any issues, don't hesitate to let us know by submitting a report on the Pomerium GitHub issue tracker or asking a question on the Discuss forum.

Signed Up for Pomerium Zero Yet?

We’re getting close to launching a closed beta test for Pomerium Zero, a free hosted control plane version of Pomerium. Sign up now to be waitlisted for the beta version!

Securing Web Applications

Pomerium is purpose-built for companies moving from perimeter to zero trust and identity-based access. We are proud to support these companies with features and capabilities built specifically for their needs. To learn how Pomerium can support your organization’s needs, checkout our Github, documentation, or reach out to us directly


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