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Pomerium helps companies innovate faster in a cloud-native, homogeneous, work-from-anywhere world. A Fortune 50 customer describes us as “Google Docs but for applications and code.”

Zach Dunn
“We can confidently tell clients and auditors: ‘we only give people access to the things they need.’ How we prove that is we can pull up the Pomerium configuration and say… ‘this team has access to these resources.’”
Logistics, 300+ employees
Nitin Perumbeti
“When you don’t have to worry about provisioning users and user-databases, it makes spinning up internal tools that much easier.”
Energy, 50+ employees
Shreyas Karnik
Software Engineering Lead
“With Pomerium integrated, we now have a good handle on how to secure our internal apps and high-value assets if they don’t have their own authorization capabilities.”
Security, 50+ employees
Vadim Bauer
“It’s the capabilities, the authentication and authorization concepts that are built-in, and the auth providers to choose from – this is something that’s unique among the reverse-auth proxies that are there.”
SaaS Infrastructure
Cory Rankin
LAN Engineer
“I opened up stuff I never would have considered opening up before because Pomerium is protecting it. That wasn’t an option before!”
Education, 3,300 employees
John Cantu
Senior Security Engineer
“Anywhere I have to demonstrate that we use role-based access control I can use the group-based Pomerium configuration policy as evidence.”
Education, 300+ employees
Lucas Cioffi
Head of Information Security and IT
“We can say to the developer teams: Yeah, you don’t need to worry about this, we got you covered, it’s fine. We’re actually saving them work — something that’s unheard of for a security team.”
Fintech, 300+ employees
Andrew James Collett
Senior Technical Officer & System Administrator
“Pomerium makes it simple to wrap any website that you might normally have left exposed (even internally) in a good layer of encryption with access control, lowering the barrier to achieving good security.”
Education, Research and Development

Pomerium enables Optoro to scale global logistics and assert compliance

  • More seamless authorization experience; greater flexibility without sacrificing security.
  • Works with Google Workspace (Formerly GSuite) and Google Groups.
  • Context-aware authentication and authorization paves the road toward SOC 2 compliance.

Pomerium enables Crusoe to rapidly develop and deploy secure applications

  • Pomerium allows Crusoe to quickly delegate access to any of their applications.
  • Clear source code and documentation makes Pomerium’s open-source product implementation fast and easy.
  • Pomerium effortlessly brings identity and directory context from GSuite.

Pomerium enables Obsidian Security to enforce and scale internal access

  • Obsidian gained fine-grained control over employee access.
  • Access logs provide clear audit trails that make access reviews easy.
  • Obsidian quickly and easily deployed Pomerium, seamlessly integrating with HELM, Google Groups and more.

8gears uses Pomerium to secure cloud-native apps and ditch their VPN

  • Pomerium empowered 8gears with a more secure, reliable remote access option.
  • No more need to individually manage authentication, authorization, and access controls across multiple endpoints.
  • Pomerium’s easy integration with 8gears’ internal apps means little to no ongoing maintenance.

Pitt County School District uses Pomerium to manage access control and limit exposure to ransomware

  • One tool to manage remote access control for all users, applying central auditing and a unified logging system.
  • No need to update or replace legacy applications and platforms that don’t include modern SSO or multi-factor authentication.
  • Minimizing the need to update or replace legacy infrastructure.

Educational Technology company uses Pomerium to implement stronger access control mechanisms

  • Secure remote access without a VPN
  • Federated identity in conjunction with Okta
  • Least-privileged, role-based access control

Traders Club uses Pomerium to implement layered Identity and Access Management so they meet compliance with privacy laws

  • Central auditing with a unified logging system enables easy compliance with LGPD, Brazil’s equivalent to GDPR.
  • Build with identity and context-driven access in mind for authenticating user identity and provide access.
  • Better logging means more visibility, giving management insight into how the network is being used.

Stellenbosch University uses Pomerium to securely expose any asset with access control

  • Access control without a VPN — not only do they want to let users in, they want to allow assets out.
  • Authenticates identity providers —  Pomerium authenticates user sessions based on any identity provider to provide the correct level of access
  • Deployed at edge — Stellenbosch University hosts Pomerium, so they are not vulnerable to third-party breaches and retain full control over their data and information

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