Announcing Pomerium v0.25

January 10, 2024

Pomerium v0.25 is here! This is a performance and maintenance-focused upgrade to everyone’s favorite identity and context-aware proxy for clientless access.

Downloads are immediately available on Github and Docker Hub for all supported platforms.

Pomerium identity and context-aware access

Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

This upgrade focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes. The full list of changes, improvements, and squashed bugs can be found in our changelog!

Before You Upgrade

We always recommend testing new releases in a separate environment before fully implementing them in addition to backing up your database. 

If you run into any issues, don't hesitate to let us know by submitting a report on the Pomerium GitHub issue tracker or asking a question on the Discuss forum.

Signed Up for Pomerium Zero Yet?

Pomerium Zero is a free hosted control plane version of Pomerium.  We expect to send out closed beta invites for testing for this quarter. Sign up now to be waitlisted!

Secure All Your Web Applications with Pomerium

Pomerium is purpose-built for companies moving from perimeter to zero trust and identity-based access. We are proud to support these companies with features and capabilities built specifically for their needs. To learn how Pomerium can support your organization’s needs, check out our comparison pages, documentation, or reach out to us directly


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