August Newsletter

Hello again! August has been a busy month over here at Pomerium. This month’s newsletter covers some of the highlights since our v0.10 announcement.

8gears case study

Check out our second case study about how Pomerium enables 8gears to accelerate their migration to Kubernetes and move away from VPN use. 

Demystifying zero trust

Wondering why everyone is talking about zero trust but not doing it? Want a clear and straightforward outline of what zero trust is, what it isn’t, and where it came from? Well, we’ve got you covered in our latest article

New recipes

This month, we added two new recipes covering how to leverage functionality released in v0.10

  • Cloud Run support enables end-to-end authorization to your private endpoints by integrating Pomerium with Google Cloud Authorization. The recipe demonstrates deploying Pomerium into Cloud Run and using it to protect another application – also hosted on Cloud Run.
  • Kubernetes support integrates Pomerium identity and authentication data into any Kubernetes API server. The recipe demonstrates protecting your API server with Pomerium and using kubectl to access the API with your Pomerium identity.

Community spotlight 

This past month we saw lots of great content coming out of our community: