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Codec Type

  • Environment Variable: CODEC_TYPE
  • Config File Key: codec_type
  • Type: string
  • Default: auto (http1 in all-in-one mode)

Specifies the codec to use for downstream connections. Either auto, http1 or http2.

When auto is specified the codec will be determined via TLS ALPN or protocol inference.


With HTTP/2, browsers typically coalesce connections for the same IP address that use the same TLS certificate. For example, you may have and using the same wildcard certificate (* and both pointing to Your browser sees this and re-uses the initial connection it makes to example for authenticate. But unfortunately the routes necessary to handle authenticate don't exist on example so the proxy cannot handle the request.

If this happens Pomerium will respond with a 421 Misdirected Request status. Most browsers will attempt to make the request on a new HTTP/2 connection. However not all browsers implement this behavior (notably Safari), and users may end up seeing a blank page instead.

If you see this happen, there are several ways to mitigate the problem:

  1. Don't re-use TLS certificates for shared IP domains.
  2. Don't re-use IP addresses for shared TLS certificates.
  3. Don't use HTTP/2.

More details on this problem are available in Github Issue #2150.