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Runtime Flags


Starting in v0.26, Pomerium has a new Runtime Flags setting. These flags are intended to allow users to temporarily opt out of certain changes to the default Pomerium behavior, or to opt in to experimental changes in behavior.

If you find that you need to change one of these settings, please let us know by posting on the Discuss forum.

How to configure

Runtime flags are currently configurable only in Pomerium Core.

Config file keyEnvironment variableType
runtime_flagsRUNTIME_FLAGSmap from string to boolean

The available flags are:

Runtime FlagDescriptionDefault
grpc_databroker_keepalive(experimental) Enable gRPC keepalive (HTTP/2 PING) requests on the databroker service connection. This may improve service reliability in split service mode deployments where there are multiple firewalls in the connection path between different Pomerium services.false
match_any_incoming_portFor a route where the From URL does not contain a port number, allow it to match incoming requests with any port number. See the section on Port matching behavior for more details.true
legacy_identity_managerThe way Pomerium manages IdP session refresh has been newly rewritten in v0.26 for enhanced performance and reliability. When this flag is enabled, Pomerium will revert to the older implementation.false


match_any_incoming_port: false
RUNTIME_FLAGS='{"match_any_incoming_port": false}'