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Auto TLS

  • Environmental Variable: TLS_DERIVE
  • Config File Key: tls_derive
  • Kubernetes: --databroker-auto-tls runtime parameter
  • Type: FQDN (fully qualified domain name)
  • Default: none

Auto TLS enables automatic TLS between Pomerium Core and Enterprise by deriving the certificate authority (CA) and server certificates from a shared_secret. Auto TLS secures HTTPS and gRPC/TLS endpoints connecting the Console to the Databroker and Proxy services so you don’t have to manually generate certificates (it’s still an option for users who demand it).

When set:

  • a CA is derived from the shared_secret and is added to the list of system default CAs.
  • An upstream route (to) server certificate signed by such a derived CA would be trusted.
  • The Databroker gRPC server would use a server certificate with a provided domain name and signed by a derived CA.