Argo is a powerful, open-source suite of tools designed to enhance the Kubernetes experience by simplifying the management of complex workflows and promoting GitOps practices. It includes Argo Workflows for orchestrating jobs and pipelines, Argo CD for continuous delivery with Git-based version control, Argo Rollouts for advanced deployment strategies, and Argo Events for event-based automation.

By providing a cohesive set of tools, Argo enables developers and DevOps teams to automate and optimize their CI/CD processes, ensuring faster and more reliable software delivery.


As Argo is a critical path for orchestrating workflows in Kubernetes, teams are adding authentication and authorization to Argo using Pomerium.

While other access control tools may inhibit workflow and productivity when doing so, Pomerium's clientless access means developers and engineers don't even know they're accessing Argo through Pomerium.

This gives companies the peace of mind that all access to sensitive Argo workflows is being continuously verified without any disruption to workflows.

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TriNet Zenefits
Integrate your Zenefits HR system with Pomerium proxy to enable context-awareness and minimize security lag.
Tor Exit Nodes
Protect against known IP addresses of Tor Exit Nodes by enabling context-awareness with Pomerium proxy.
Integrate your BambooHR system with Pomerium proxy to enable context-awareness and minimize security lag.

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