Integrate your BambooHR system with Pomerium proxy to enable context-awareness and minimize security lag.


BambooHR is an all-in-one Human Resources (HR) software designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their HR operations efficiently. With a user-friendly interface, BambooHR simplifies tasks such as employee data management, hiring, onboarding, compensation tracking, and performance management.



Every piece of data available to your organization can and should be leveraged for making context-aware access policy decisions. If a user is:

  • on probation

  • or vacation

  • maybe just not on rotation

  • or recently went through an altercation

Your access solution should integrate that knowledge into its decision and grant access with at least some hesitation.


The onboarding and offboarding process should be seamless. An employee's access should be terminated immediately the moment they are taken off of payroll or their employment status is updated to be no longer with the company.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for many institutions. The general process is for the Human Resources team to go through layoffs or the firing process, then submit tickets to the IT team for offboarding those employees. Alternatively, the opposite workflow is starting to become true as companies worry about malicious insiders, resulting in employees discovering they are leaving the company because they no longer have access, then receiving the official notice from HR.

Integrating your HR solution with Pomerium automates that process completely to minimize the gap between an employee's leaving the company and the full revocation of their access.

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